The world may not always be friendly but people are.

There aren’t many photographs for this post. This is mainly due to the fact that I am always reluctant and a little embarrassed to ask people if I can photograph them, it is just a little too much of an invasion of privacy. It’s ironic then that I am writing this post sat at the dining table of our hosts in Den Haag; Friedel and Andrew Grant. We first met them through Warmshowers, a reciprocal hospitality group for cycle tourists, in 2016 and since this we have become friends. Cycle touring is our common interest but we have much in common; the same is true for every person or family we have stayed with.

Humans have common ground with every other human in the planet and this shared identity, however small allows up to empathise and understand others. In some cases we take this further and open our homes and lives to others. Having hosted others it is very much a two way process and we have always enjoyed hosting. Being hosted is nearly ways wonderful, is always interesting and we are eternally grateful to everyone who has hosted us on our journey.

Warmshowers has enabled us to meet people from the country in which we are and has led to new discoveries be these routes, playgrounds, beaches, camping spots or must eat foods. It has given our children a break from the routine of to road life and a chance to see how life is different (and yet so very much the same) in different countries. Both have really enjoyed the experience and whenever we travel somewhere new Will is disappointed if we don’t get a ‘warmshowers’.

We have been shown kindness by so many people – thank you all.

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Biologist who teaches. In 2018 I took time away from work to travel and world school my children. We travel by bike and try to treat life as the adventure that it is.

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